Restaurant Chefs Reveal Their Best Tips For Making The Tastiest Food

Cooking is one of the most awesome recreational pursuits on earth. It offers the chance to immerse yourself in creativity with a truly social objective at the end: Eating with the people that you love. 

The only thing that can make this better is when you add a few twists to the traditional ways of working. Cooking has evolved over the years, and with a few minor changes in your kitchen, your own skills can make it to the next level.

Here, we offer tips handed down by professionals directly to you to make your next meal incredible. We know that you'll enjoy them. 

1. Don't Fry Bacon

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It's hard to fry bacon evenly and even harder to avoid grease spatters. It's better to bake it instead on a baking sheet at 300 to 350 degrees.

2. Use Salt To Season Garlic

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When you're chopping garlic, sprinkle it with salt. Not only does this season the garlic, but it makes it easier to chop in the first place.

3. Peel Garlic Easily Using A Jar


Tired of struggling to peel garlic? Put it in a jar and shake the jar really hard. Watch the skin fall off the garlic. It's easy when you know how.

4. Make Mashed Potatoes Without Hassle

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Bake potatoes whole on a bed of salt in the oven. Peel the potatoes when they're done. Fry the skins in butter for a couple of minutes and then throw in a half cup of milk. Strain this mixture and then blend it into the cooked potatoes.


5. Invest In Good Knives


At the minimum, buy one good knife. You use a knife more often in the kitchen than anything else, and a high-quality blade will make everything easier. Budget around $50 for that one knife.

6. Chicken Stock Makes Fried Rice Yummy

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The fried rice at your local Chinese takeaway tastes better than yours, yes? That's because they boil their rice in water with added chicken stock and you don't. Try it.

7. Use Scraps To Create Stock


Bones, spare meat, carrot tops, onion stems, and more aren't actually food waste. They're used to make stock, and if you don't have enough on hand to boil, freeze the stuff until you do.

8. Cut Cakes Perfectly


There's a simple trick for cutting a cake so that it looks easy and makes clean slices. Just run your knife under hot water for a minute and then dry it.

9. Season Chicken For A Better Taste


Most people season the outside of a chicken rather than the inside. You need to do both to get the best taste. You should also avoid overcooking chicken—it's done when its juices run clear.

10. Have A Home Of Everlasting Cookies


Cookies are awesome, but we don't have time to whip up a batch of dough every day to make fresh ones. Instead, we settle for store bought ones.

The trick? When you make cookie dough, make a lot. Separate it into small balls, enough for one cookie each, and freeze it. Now you can make cookies whenever you want.


11. Make Fried Food Taste Better

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Top chefs use a lot of bacon and that means they generate a lot of bacon fat. Don't throw that fat away—use it for cooking fried food. It will taste much better than food fried in vegetable oils.

12. If Food Is Bland, Add Bacon


Bacon makes everything taste better, right? Chefs agree. If you have a recipe which isn't shaping up the way you want it to, add a little bacon for texture, flavor and additional salt.

13. Peeling An Orange Can Be Child's Play

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Cut the top and bottom off of an orange. Slice down the center on one side, and then simply pull the fruit open and remove the segments.

14. Cream Butter For Longer

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Most people stop creaming butter and sugar way before they should. The best bakers all cream for four to five minutes, producing the best results possible.

15. You Need Good Tongs

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Tongs are exposed to crazy amounts of heat and have a tendency to deform if you don't pick something of quality. Chefs prefer tongs with silicone tips on the blades for this reason. 

We can't wait to try these tips out in our kitchen. We hope you enjoyed them! 

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