Retiring Cop Does Something Hilarious On His Last Day

How well do your co-workers know the real you? If someone asked my coworkers about my hobbies, they'd probably respond by saying that I seem to like stapling things and sending emails. Unfortunately, those couldn't be further from my favorite activities. So, how do we get to know our coworkers?

One Sheriff's Deputy in Colorado Springs had a great idea for his last day of work before retirement. Instead of holding in how excited he was about retiring, Tony Scherb decided to boogie in celebration of the big day. He chose the elevator as his stage, thinking it'd be hidden from his co-workers and their potentially judgmental looks. Lucky for us, maintenance had just installed a security camera on the ceiling of that elevator to help monitor recent issues. When those doors shut and this deputy sheriff cranks his music up, well... let's just say that he won't be retiring from dancing anytime soon.

If you'd like to get to know your co-workers better, we'd recommend taking a page from Tony's book and starting an elevator dance party. Dancing is a great way to let loose, look a little silly and have a good laugh. After all, we see our co-workers almost every day of the week, so we might as well have some fun when we're around them.

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H/T: Colorado Springs Gazette

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