Richart Sowa Lives On A Floating Island He Built Himself Out Of Plastic Bottles

Apr 8, 2016

Richart Sowa is an unusual man with an unusual plan. Leaving the famously grey weather of England behind him, Richart made his way to sunny Mexico. Or rather, a patch of the sea just off the coast of Cancun. And boy do we mean just off the coast. Richart’s private island floats just 100 feet from shore. Yes, that’s right, floats. The island was constructed by Richart, piece by piece, over at least six years, entirely out of plastic bottles. He would gather them up in large nets and then carefully connect bundles of them in such a way that he could start layering soil and other natural materials on top. The result is half-barge, half-island, all glorious.

Well, not entirely glorious. Richart’s aesthetic is a little “shabby” but not very “chic.” Still, it attracted the attention of a woman by the name of Jodi Bowlin, a former model, who Richart met on Facebook. The Tennessean came down to see the island for herself and decided to stay. On one condition: Richart needed to spruce the place up. At her request, he stabilized the house’s “foundation” and sealed up the home so they would no longer share a bedroom with a live scorpion.

Richart’s island has grown from a small clump of earth to quite a large landmass as he continues to add to it. He hopes to one day make the island fully self-sufficient. At least as far as being able to grow all his own food and everything goes. He seems to be well on his way!

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H/T: Rose Robin

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