Ridiculous Fashion Trends And Accessories That Should Stay In Your Closet

Fashion victims and fashionistas alike have brought a number of crazy looking accessories and clothing items to the table. From quirky avant-garde footwear to strangeĀ see-through handbags, the fashion world is responsible for some truly unique trends.

Whether they're impractical, bizarreĀ or some lively combination of the two, there are a number of trends that outstayed their welcome pretty quickly. While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, these misguided fashion trends are ridiculous no matter who's looking at them.

So if you have the misfortune of owning any or all of these items, please begin purging your closet with extreme prejudice!

1. Toe Socks

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This is kind of a weird fashion trend that picked up for a little while, but now looks outdated. Regular socks are perfectly capable of keeping your feet just as warm!  

2. Dresses With Built-In Gloves

Everyone has trouble remembering their gloves sometimes, but building them into your dress isn't the answer. It's definitely unique, but it also looks kind of like a Halloween costume.

3. Arm Warmers

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Arm warmers are like leg warmers except without all the fabulous 80s nostalgia. Plus, there's really no need for them. If your arms are cold, just wear a long-sleeved shirt!

4. Scoodie

Did you ever wonder what would happen if a hoodie and a scarf had a baby? Well, apparently it would be this unusual fashion trend! The "scoodie" is definitely an interesting look, but it hasn't really caught on.


5. Shoulder Pads

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Everything in the 80s was about power, which meant stuffing the shoulders for the ladies. This look comes off as extremely dated these days. Here's hoping it doesn't come back.

6. Hand Muffs

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Hand muffs were almost a good idea, except for the fact that you can't really do anything with your hands while you're wearing one.

7. Fuzzy Sandals


If it's warm enough to be wearing sandals, then the last thing you need to do is wrap your foot in a bunch of fur. And if it's cold enough to be wearing fuzzy shoes, the last thing you need to do is wear open-toed shoes. 

8. Cumberbunds


It's true that men don't have as many accessories as women to choose from. That doesn't mean it's a good idea to just invent things like the cumberbund to even the score.

9. Ballerina Boots


Other than Alexander McQueen models and Lady Gaga, it is hard to think of anyone who can wear these without looking crazy or potentially breaking something. 

10. Short-Sleeve Hoodies


This trend makes it look like you couldn't decide whether you wanted to wear a t-shirt or a hoodie. If you can't decide whether you're hot or cold, your best bet is to wear layers.


11. Capri Sweatpants


This trend is perfect for people who frequently find themselves hot from the knees down and cold from the knees up! Try pairing this trend with the sleeveless hoodie and furry sandals for the complete “I don't know whether I'm hot or cold” look.  

12. See-Through Purses


Nothing says "high fashion" like everybody being able to see the crazy mess that is inside your purse at all times. Who has the energy to keep their purse immaculate enough to be this exposed?  

13. Open-Toed Sneakers


This trend is perfect for when you're feeling sporty, but you don't care about sustaining a foot injury. In all seriousness, what outfit do you wear these with?

14. Oversized Ponchos

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Ponchos will always be a chic fashion trend, but when you choose a poncho that's oversized, you run the risk of looking like you came out of the house draped in a blanket. 

15. Platform Clogs


Seventies fashion is making a tremendous comeback this season, but it's safe to say you should leave the platform clogs on the shelf. It’s one thing for shoes to be uncomfortable, but to be uncomfortable and unflattering is just unacceptable  

Fashion lovers beware! Some of these ridiculous trends may be lurking in your closet as we speak. Just make sure they stay there!  

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