Defog Windows The Rocket Science Way

There are all sorts of helpful videos on the subject of keeping your windshield clear in the winter. A particular favorite year after year is the cat litter hack. A sock full of kitty litter can help absorb moisture in a car and prevent the fog and frost-covered glass from being an issue in the first place.

If you end up with an opaque windshield despite your best efforts, fear not. A bonafide rocket scientist is on the case. YouTuber onemeeeliondollars, otherwise known as Mark Rober, worked at NASA for 9 years and helped to bring the Mars Curiosity rover to life. Now he's helping you with things you might not have even known you needed help with, like carving watermelons, or defogging your windshield at the optimum rate.

One of the biggest secrets revealed in this video is that running the air conditioner during the defrost cycle will help to dry the air out and speed up the process.

Well, this is vital advice but it turns out many cars actually already do this by default when you switch to the defrost symbol. You may want to check to see if your car does, as many people simply leave it on defrost the entire time they're in the car, not fully realizing that it could actually be warmer, or that they're using more gas than they need to.

There are other tips that seem counterintuitive, like opening the windows, but all will be explained, using the unexpected analogy of towels of various sizes.
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