Rolling Pantry Is Great For Adding More Storage To Your Kitchen

Many people find that their kitchen cabinets are not sufficient to store all their dinnerware, glasses, and food items. Particularly if you live in an apartment or a small house, there just never seems to be enough room for all the things that you need in a kitchen. As we all know, strategic organization can be a lifesaver when it comes to such situations - and that's why you'll love Handan and Greg's DIY rolling jar-storage unit.

A messy kitchen countertop can deter you from wanting to cook or use your kitchen at all, so a clean, tidy kitchen is essential. For Handan and Greg, owners of the blog The Navage Patch, extra storage space was needed for their homemade canned goods. With no possible space left in their kitchen cabinets, they decided to build a rolling storage unit that would fit inconspicuously into a small space between their kitchen counter and a chest of drawers.

Here is where the canned goods were originally stored:


Here is the final product, all painted and filled with homemade canned goods!


What a stunning display - it doesn't even need to be stowed away from sight. For more information on this terrific and extremely useful rolling shelf storage, be sure to check out Greg and Handan's post on The Navage Patch here.

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H/T: Hometalk | The Navage Patch

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