Rubbing Alcohol

Pretty much everyone has some rubbing alcohol in their house. It's usually found under a sink and only brought out in cases of emergency. I wince every time I see rubbing alcohol because I always associate it with the stinging pain of having it poured on wounds. Yes, I know, it helps disinfect the cut - but that doesn't make it hurt any less. 

But, rubbing alcohol is much more useful than we give it credit for. Even though it's widely regarded as a health product, it's an equally powerful cleaning agent. It gets rid of germs like nobody's business and is super cheap compared to most cleaning products you can buy. In fact, rubbing alcohol is so versatile that Melissa, from the YouTube channel Clean My Space, put together a useful list of 10 ways to clean your home with rubbing alcohol. The tips range from cleaning your light switches to defrosting your windshield. You can guarantee that you'll find a new way to use rubbing alcohol that you never thought of.

Melissa not only knows how to clean with rubbing alcohol, but also with some other unusual household products. If you have vinegar or baking soda, she can tell you exactly what to do to make your house spotless.

Meanwhile, you can hang on to your trusty bottle of rubbing alcohol and make sure no germs ever get near you again. 

H/T: Clean My Space

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