Safety Video Highlights Dangers Of Unsecured Furniture And Kids

We are all aware of the many potential dangers in our homes, but this one may come as a shock. On average, the emergency room sees a child injured by a falling TV or furniture every 24 minutes. If you're like most of us, this had not really occurred to you as a possible hazard. 

Children are curious by nature, and like to explore. As many pieces of furniture in our homes are larger than our kids, this exploration may involve climbing on these large pieces. Once the child is off the ground, the center of gravity for that piece of furniture changes, which leads to it toppling over with the child beneath it. The frightening point of this story is that our children could be injured quickly, or even killed, by what seems a harmless, everyday item. It is clear that we all wish to protect our kids, especially in our homes. The first step is recognizing this danger, and then preventing the unwanted outcome.

Fortunately, this video provided by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission shows us exactly how to keep our kids safe. With a screwdriver, a simple piece of hardware, and about five minutes your family can rest easy. The image of that TV toppling on a child (mannequin) should send us all to secure our furniture and the futures of our children.

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H/T: CNN Online

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