Secrets Messages Hidden In The Dollar Bill

For many years, the American dollar bill has been seen as a symbol of the mysteries surrounding the country. It is something most of us see every day, but very few of us pay attention to the smallest details inscribed on it. Even if you have noticed something strange on it, what could be the meaning or purpose behind it? Hopefully, the following explanations can shed some light on these hidden messages.

The Creature

Some have speculated that this could be an owl or a spider. It appears on every bill just beside the number "1" in the upper-right corner. Not much is known about its purpose, but some have guessed that it is a designed counterfeit measure.

The Eye

The eye that sits at the top of the pyramid is easy to spot out, but few agree on the purpose behind it. Some have said that it symbolizes God watching over America, but others believe that there is a deeper meaning behind it. Some say what it actually represents is the all-seeing eye of the Freemasons.


Roman Numerals

At the base of the pyramid are the series of letters: MDCCLXXVI. These letters are actually Roman numerals that translate to the number 1776. This number is symbolic, as it is the year that America declared its independence.

The Cross

In the corner of every bill is a strange windmill-shaped pattern. What is easy to miss, however, is that there is actually a cross inside of it. This cross is actually known as a Maltese cross, and some believe that its presence is a reference to the Knights of Malta.



It may be difficult to spot, but the strange pattern in the bottom-left corner of every bill is actually depicting the Hindu god, Shiva. Commonly known as "The Destroyer," no one really knows why it is there or its significance to America.

Via: Little Things | Terrific Top 10

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