See That Pile Of Old Junk Over There? Wait Until You See What This Guy Turns It Into

When John Piccoli was a young boy, polio left him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Determined not to let that stop him, the Australian artist took up perhaps the most active art form: large-scale metalworking sculpture.

He starts with a pile of old wrenches. To most people this looks like junk.

But, it’s not junk to John Piccoli.

Once he works them into his art, these wrenches become something beautiful.

You can see the wrenches in this bench, but it has become so much more.

Check out the incredible curves at the head and base of this bench.

30 years ago, John also started making garden sculptures from the wrenches.


The rust and wear of the wrenches are just part of their charm.

Look at how detailed this is!

He makes fountains as well.

John's work is moving from the garden to museums and galleries.

This huge fish looks high above the trees.

Maybe he's steering clear of this fisherman and his net.

This cowboy is guarding over the yard space.


This horse and cart brings a vintage charm to the yard.

A close-up gives it an industrious presence.

The strength of the metal is put to use in this sculpture of two horses.

And, brings a feminine strength to this mermaid.

There's a poise and grace to this family of deer.

Love seat on wheels!

Credit: The ReUse People of America

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