See This Couple's Hilarious Disappointment When A Balloon Company Ruins Their Gender Reveal

Joe and Leela Krummel are a young couple from Minneapolis with a baby on the way. Unfortunately, their gender reveal party was derailed when the company they hired to manage the balloons messed up the one job they were entrusted with.

Gender reveal parties are all the rage lately, but just in case you haven't heard about them, these are parties where the expecting couple invites their family and friends over to share the surprise of learning the gender of their baby via a color-coded gimmick of some sort. You can go to a bakery and have them make a cake with blue or pink insides, or burst a piñata full of blue or pink confetti, or even just pull out a blue or pink slip from a sealed envelope. Either way, the colors blue and pink are involved.

The Krummels opted for a big box full of either blue or pink helium balloons. Unfortunately, it seems the balloon company didn't get the message...

Luckily, the couple contacted the company right away, and the problem was soon rectified, and they couple found out they would be welcoming a baby boy into the world soon. Still, the look on their faces for the first reveal is absolutely priceless!

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H/T: Caters Clips

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