Seeing These Popular Destinations From An Aerial View Is Almost Surreal. #7 Is Simply Breathtaking

Even if you’re a frequent flyer, it’s doubtful that you’ve gotten to really enjoy a true bird’s eye view of a city or famous landmark. Most commercial planes tend to fly too high to get a real appreciation for anything, especially if it’s a cloudy day. Plus, thanks to flight routing and aisle seats, you may not have the best view even in clear skies. Luckily, this Reddit user collected some of the most impressive aerial shots of cities and landmarks from around the world, so sit back and enjoy the view.

1. Niagara Falls (Canada)

2. Barcelona (Spain)

3. Central Park, New York City (USA)

4. Dubai Islands (United Arab Emirates)

5. Hedge maze, Longleat (England)

6. Mexico City (Mexico)

7. Venice (Italy)

8. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

9. Namib desert (Namibia)

10. Chicago (USA)


11. Tulip fields (Netherlands)

12. Bern (Switzerland)

13. Dubrovnik (Croatia)

14. Paris (France)

15. Meskendir Valley (Turkey)

16. Shanghai (China)

17. Capetown (South Africa)

18. Moscow (Russia)

19. Athens (Greece)

20. Vancouver (Canada)

21. Malé (Maldives)


22. Seattle (USA)

23. Giza Pyramids (Egypt)

24. Bac Son Valley (Vietnam)

25. Marina Bay, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

26. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

27. Terrace rice fields (China)

28. Vatican City, Rome (Italy)

29. Lake in Pomerania (Poland)

30. San Francisco (USA)

This really puts things into perspective. It’s humbling to think how small we are just in comparison to a section of our own city, let alone the universe.

Credit: Reddit

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