Seriously Awesome Themed Weddings That You'll Wish You Were Invited To

Everybody who gets married wants a day to remember forever. The chance to join with another person in a recognized union is a big step and it's important that married life starts in a way that makes both parties happy.

Some people opt for an exotic location for their ceremony. Others choose a simple and sweet setup. Some like to go completely over the top. It's those people we'd like to join today and enjoy their photos of their incredible themed weddings.

There's no doubt that these couples will never forget their wedding days—for better or for worse.

1. Love And “The Big Lebowski”

Off Beat Bride

We know that The Dude has a cult following, but this seems like a peculiar choice for a themed wedding. It turned out well though.

2. The Serendipity Of “Star Wars”


Stormtroopers guarding your wedding day suggests that these two fancy themselves as ending up on the dark side of the force. Maybe a prenup was in order?

3. Gaming The “Game Of Thrones”


It's the most popular show on TV in the world today, so it seems logical that someone fancies a wedding based on the show. Just not that wedding.

4. Betrothal By Batman


A comic book themed day sees our happy couple committing to each other with Batman taking their vows. Holy smokes, it's a marriage, Robin!


5. A “Maleficent” Mad Marriage

Huffington Post

Maleficent was unfairly maligned by the critics in our opinion, but whichever way the reviews went, this wedding looks fabulous. Was the honeymoon in a castle?

6. Arranging It With “Alice In Wonderland”


Lewis Carroll's bizarre children's tale is something that holds an unhealthy appeal to many adults and is, to be fair, a really interesting theme for a wedding.

7. Fitting Up For Life In “Frozen”


This is simply amazing and we would choose this theme ourselves if we were to get married tomorrow. Look at that hall. Frozen for the win!

8. Tying The Knot With “Twilight”


Sparkly vampires? It's not really our cup of tea, but this couple does look absolutely sensational as they act out the strangest supernatural tale for their wedding.

9. Following The Yellow Brick Road With “The Wizard Of Oz”


We hope that the groom wasn't the lion—it would be hard to get married if you don't have a heart. It certainly doesn't bode well for the honeymoon.

10. Splicing Together In Steampunk


Steampunk is more of a cultural theme than anything else and this wedding party looks absolutely amazing for it. This wedding photo is pure bliss.


11. “Anne Of Green Gables”


This one probably only works if your bride is ginger or is prepared to dye her hair ginger. Otherwise, how would you know the theme?

12. “The Walking Dead,” Wedding Edition


We guess if zombies eat your guests, it keeps the catering bill down and gives you more to spend on a new life together. That's the only reason we can think of for The Walking Dead theme.

13. “The Great Gatsby” Get Together


Proving that not every theme wedding needs to originate in today's pop culture, this classy couple went with the classic novel The Great Gatsby as their theme.

14. “Super Mario” Sweethearts

Incredible Things

We can't work out why anyone would go with Super Mario as the theme for a wedding, unless they were expecting to shift a lot of wedding presents all in identical boxes...

15. “The Hunger Games” Handfasting


A dystopian future where people kill each other for the giggles of the government doesn't seem like an ideal wedding theme to us, but it did to this couple.

You only tie the knot once, so why not do it in style? We hope you enjoyed these images as much as we did.

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