Seriously Enormous Athletes Who Are The "Height" Of Humanity

Athletes are supposed to be slim and trim, right? Except that's not actually true.

There are sports in which being light and thin are a real advantage. You're unlikely to see an ogre run the marathon, for example.

But there are also sports in which being huge is an advantage. It will come as no surprise that many of these stars are in the NFL, but there are other games that attract huge people, too.

So, let's take a look at some of the biggest athletes in the world and what they do for a living. You'll be amazed at how big you can be and actually earn as a professional athlete.

1. Emanuel "Little" Yarbrough, Sumo Wrestler


Height: 6'8"

Weight: 600

While this list could be entirely made up of sumo wrestlers, the world's largest athlete certainly demands a mention. Particularly, when you consider that he's lost 100 lbs since he topped his game.

2. The Big Show, WWE


Height: 7' 0"

Weight: 425

The Big Show's nickname is a purely ironic: "Little Kevin" (after the character on the TV show The Wire). But the truth is, he's enormous.

3. Terrell Brown, NFL Free Agent

Bleeding Green Nation

Height: 6' 10"

Weight: 403

Recently waived by The Rams after being on their off-season roster, Terrell Brown is the biggest NFL player on this list.


4. T.J. Barnes, Jacksonville Jaguars


Height: 6' 7"

Weight: 364

T.J. Barnes didn't have the easiest way into things, but he did finally get a break, and now he's in the Jaguars' final roster.

5. Bryant McKinnie, Baltimore Ravens


Height: 6'8"

Weight: 352

Bryant McKinnie is tired of hearing insults about his weight. He wants the world to know that he is neither fat nor sloppy, but a professional athlete.

6. Phil Loadholt, Minnesota Vikings

Pioneer Press

Height: 6' 8"

Weight: 343

The offensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings is not a small dude. He resigned for the Vikings this year because the fans love him and wanted him back.

7. King Dunlap, San Diego Chargers

Bleacher Report

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 330

King Dunlap is a giant offensive tackle, and the perfect guy to protect the quarterback's blind side with solid, unyielding muscle.

8. Roy Hibbert, Indiana Pacers


Height: 7' 2"

Weight: 280

At the age of just 26, Roy Hibbert's probably still got some growing to do, but he's still an absolutely massive fellow now.

9. Leonard Davis, NFL Free Agent

The Richest

Height: 6' 6"

Weight: 355

Three-time pro-bowler and Super Bowl runner-up, Leonard Davis is not letting his huge frame hold him back in life.


10. Eddy Curry, Zhejiang Golden Bulls


Height: 7' 0"

Weight: 295

Eddy Curry would have been much higher up on our list, but he lost 100 lbs in 2011. We imagine he's healthier for it, though.

11. Michael Jasper, NFL Free Agent


Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 375

He's not had the best of careers and has struggled to hold down a regular slot on any team, but Michael Jasper is a big guy nonetheless.

12. Hasheem Thabeet, Oklahoma City Thunder

Loud City

Height: 7' 3"

Weight: 263

Much of Hasheem's part in this list comes down to his incredible height. He doesn't look that big for his overall frame size.

13. Andrew Bynum, Cleveland Cavaliers

Jocks And Stiletto Jill

Height: 7' 0"

Weight: 285

Andrew Bynum may find that his fragile knee problems stem, at least in part, from his weight, but he's one of the most active men in the NBA.

14. Kellen Heard, NFL Free Agent

Fan Rag Sports

Height: 6' 6"

Weight: 341

Kellen Heard's been struggling in the most recent years, but his work for the Raiders back in 2010 was pretty impressive.

15. Marc Gasol, Memphis Grizzlies

Beale Street Bears

Height: 7' 1"

Weight: 265

Last and, by the criteria of our list, least, is Marc Gasol, who is still a huge bull of a man. 

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