"Share The Load"

Mar 2, 2016

Who's in charge of the chores in your house? If you live with a bunch of roommates, you might have a big whiteboard that designates who is in charge of what each week. Between dishes, laundry, sweeping, cleaning the bathrooms, cooking meals, and keeping everything tidy, chores take up a lot of time and energy. Growing up, my parents always joked that the reason they had me was so they'd have someone to cut the grass. While this is clearly a joke (I hope), chores are a great way to bring a family together and teach children the value of hard work. Spending a Saturday afternoon cleaning the bathroom is no kid's dream, but it's guaranteed to lead to more bonding and satisfaction than an afternoon spent playing video games.

In a perfect world, chores would be divided up evenly amongst family members, with everyone contributing based on what they're best at. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case in homes around the world. Household chores, believe it or not, are still primarily done by women. This is due to a long history of sexism and stigmas towards a woman's abilities. Women used to be expected to stay home and tend to the house while their husbands went out and worked. Just look at this guide for housewives in the 1950s and all the hurdles women were expected to jump through while their husbands didn't lift a finger.

Now, in a time when almost as many women are out in the labor force as men, women are still expected to bear the load of chores that come with running a home. This powerful commercial from Ariel India, entitled "Share The Load," urges dads to pitch in around the house. We might not be able to change the past that's taught us to think and act a certain way, but we can change our behavior moving forward when it comes to chores.

H/T: Ariel IndiaFlock of Broads

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