She Adopted 4 Babies, But They Had Already Passed Away. The Reason Behind It Will Touch Your Heart

Bernarda Gallardo opened her heart and her house to a baby she adopted in her home country of Chile. Anyone who adopts and raises a child is a hero, but in the process of her adoption, Gallardo discovered a haunting secret about the babies who were not so fortunate.

Although Chile has a relatively stable economy, its wealth distribution is one of the most uneven in the world, leading 3 million Chileans to live in extreme poverty. 


Around the same time that Gallardo adopted her own baby, she read a story about the death of an infant girl at a Chilean hospital. The baby had been abandoned and died in the hospital of neglect. She was stunned when she discovered that not only were no efforts made to find a home for the girl, but the baby was never given a proper burial. Gallardo became determined to find her. She named the girl Aurora.


When Gallardo found baby Aurora, she petitioned the judge to let her adopt the deceased baby. 

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She then held a funeral for Aurora. Five hundred people attended, including the judge who granted her the adoption to put the baby to rest.

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She has since adopted three more fallen children to give them the dignity of a name and a proper burial.

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Credit: Viral Nova

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