She Applies Paint To The Bottom Of A Boring White Mug. The Final Product Is Stunning, But Simple

Ever notice how your morning sets up the whole rest of your day? Whether you take a peaceful Zen approach to your mornings or you embrace the frantic chaos, you can't do it without your trusty coffee mug.

So don't settle for boring. Have a little fun with these super easy, inexpensive DIY coffee mug ideas.

1. This mug makes a perfect gift for grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Better Homes and Gardens

2. You can customize this chalkboard mug every day. (Perfect for the office.)

Wit and Whistle


3. We love the heart shape, but you can be creative with this. Your initials, stars or the shape of your home state would be cool with this design.

Messy Little Monster

4. Here's a similar idea, just reversed.

Pounds 4 Pennies

5. The perfect coffee mug for when you woke up flawless.

White House Black Shutters

6. Matching your mug to your manicure? Yes, please.

My Crafty Spot


7. Or go a little more subdued and match your outfit.

Merry Thought

8. These mugs make adorable anniversary gifts.

A Beautiful Mess

9. This one has such a cute little surprise. (The directions are in French, but it's easy to figure out.)

Le Blog Artlex

10. This one gets points for being so spot-on accurate.

Deb Hunter

Credit: The Realistic Mama

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