She Asked Her Students To Write Something They Wished She Knew. The Answers Are Heartbreaking

Kyle Schwartz was a third-grade teacher at Doull Elementary School in Denver, Colorado. Many of her students came from less privileged backgrounds and Schwartz was worried that she was overlooking the issues her students were facing in their everyday lives. 

So she asked them to write down something they wished their teachers knew.

The results? The students opened up about their everyday lives.

Some of their responses were heartbreaking.

It gave her a glimpse into the home lives of her students.


And some of the needs she had overlooked.

Along with their goals.

They had a few areas for improvement.

And a few wishes that their teacher hadn't even thought of.

Some were simple wishes.


Older students were able to articulate their wishes with more direction.

She started incorporating technology into her project, still allowing students to write in anonymously.

Even when the notes were silly, they still fostered a sense of communication and trust between Schwartz and her students.

Credit: Kyle Schwartz

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