She Buys Cutlery Trays But Doesn't Use Them In The Kitchen. What She Does With Them Is So Useful

Moving out of your parents' home is never easy - it often has a ton of unexpected costs. You never really plan for it, but there are so many little things that you absolutely need to have if you want to keep your new home tidy. Thankfully, cutlery trays are a relatively inexpensive way to add a bit of order to your kitchen. Cutlery trays are pretty much an essential item for keeping your forks separated from your knives, but you might not have guessed that they can be used around the house in other ways. Here are just a few:

A Learning Tool For Children


It may seem very unusual to fill a cutlery tray with the seemingly random items you see above, but there is a method to this madness. Did you notice that each individual section is filled with a substance of a different texture?


The finished product is a cost-effective sensory tray. The different textures and materials are great for teaching children about the sensory feel of different objects and substances, and kids love to play with them. Click here to learn more about the details of this project.

A Makeup Organizer


Makeup drawers have a way of getting cluttered very easily. Perhaps you don't have the time to properly put everything away when you are rushing to head out the door, but a cutlery tray can do wonders for keeping everything tidy.

Battery Storage

Honey We're Home

It can be so frustrating to have to dig through your drawers to find the right battery when you need it. It's always a good idea to keep a few spares of each type around, so keep them organized with a cutlery tray so that you never have to scramble to find the right one again.


Accessories Display

Mini Manor Blog

Tired of dealing with the mess and tangles of a disorganized jewelry drawer or box? All you need to do is use a couple of cutlery trays to keep everything in check.

Mini Manor Blog

However, instead of simply sticking them in your drawer, consider attaching them to the wall to make a wall-mounted jewelry display. It's great in that all of your accessories are easily seen, and you don't have to dig through any tangled piles to get to what you want. If you love the look of this DIY, check out the link here to learn the full details of this project.

Tool Organization

The Family Handyman

If you're anything like me, your toolbox and tool drawers are always in a state of complete anarchy. It might seem impossible to keep things in any reasonable order, but cutlery trays can go a long way in helping to keep things tidy.

Hair Care Organization


Especially if you have kids, keeping your bathroom drawers organized is a challenge. Placing a cutlery drawer can help keep things organized and teach kids that there is a proper place for things. This is especially useful when it comes to hairbrushes, clips, and hair ties.

Dental Care Organizer

Little Penelope Lane

Speaking of keeping the bathroom in order, the same principles can be applied to your dental hygiene supplies and other toiletries.


Organize Your Craft And Coloring Box

iHeart Organizing

One of the best toys you can get your kids is a big box of crayons and pencil crayons. They can occupy your children for hours on end, and are a great tool for allowing them to express their creativity as freely as they want. Keeping a coloring box organized is easy with the help of a few trays.

Sewing And Craft Organization

How To Nest For Less

It's frustrating to have hobbies, like sewing or scrapbooking, when you don't have enough space for all of your supplies. Organizing can go a long way in helping to create more space, and what better way to do that than with a few cutlery trays?

Keys And On-The-Go Items

Better Homes and Gardens

Having trouble finding your keys and sunglasses all the time? Never have that problem again with a wall-mounted organizer right by the door.

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