She Captures The Moment Houston Residents Form A Human Chain To Save A Drowning Man

It's often when things are at our worst that humanity shows just how beautiful it can truly be. The photo below shows exactly that, as citizens of Texas banded together during Hurricane Harvey to perform rescue missions - for people and animals alike. In this particular instance, strangers gathered together to form a human chain to save an elderly man who was trapped in a sinking SUV.

Stephanie Mata was driving near the scene when she saw the human chain to save the elderly gentleman.

People involved knew they only had a few minutes before the man would drown.

More and more strangers joined in on the effort as time went by.

Before long, the human chain was able to pull the old man to safety.

The elderly gentleman was examined by a police officer, but it's unclear as to what his current condition is.

What an incredible moment!

Mata took a photo of the SUV immediately after the rescue, and it's obvious the rescue happened just in the nick of time.

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