She Collected 20,000 Tea Bags And Arranged Them In A Pattern. When I Saw The Result, My Jaw Dropped.

Artist Red Hong Yi is rising to world fame. She's known for creating portraits and images out of unusual materials, such as chopsticks and toothpicks bundled together to create value and lines. In her new piece, Red celebrated the "teh tarik man," the tea seller from her home country of Malaysia. To create this image, she uses the teabags from "pulled tea," a popular Malaysian tea drink.

From far away, the image of the tea seller is immediately apparent in meticulous detail.

She used 20,000 teabags, steeped in varying degrees of water that bring out different shades of their brown color. 

She used 10 different shades of the teabags.


She affixed them to wire mesh panels to correlate to her plan for the image.

Can you imagine keeping track of 20,000 teabags throughout this?


Red's process is three-dimensional, putting a canister and shaved ice machine in the foreground.

The final piece is gorgeous in its immense scale, loving craftsmanship and maybe just a hint of the fragrance of tea.

Credit: Red Hong Yi | Viral Nova

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