She Confronts Her Guilty Dog After He's Caught Digging Again. How He Responds Is Too Funny

Dogs have a lot in common with people, especially when they're caught doing something they shouldn't be. They both try to act like nothing's going on, and the naughty Golden Retriever is a perfect example. 

Jack the dog simply loves to dig, but the problem is that he wants to do it all over his human's front lawn, leaving unsightly holes everywhere. That's why, much to his chagrin, digging in the yard is strictly against the rules. Unfortunately, that doesn't always stop him. Sure enough, when he thinks no one is looking, more holes just seem to "appear" in the yard.

Well, Jack's not quite as slick as he thinks. This time around, he got caught red-handed when his owner happened to look out the window. She busted him right then and there, and with nowhere to run, Jack simply tries to cover up the hole he'd just started to dig up and tried to play innocent. Just wait until you see how he tries to play the whole situation off.

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H/T: Michaela Morris

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