She Covered Her Sister's Prom Shoes With Tape. How They Look Afterwards Is Breathtaking

Imgur user ethacher recently posted a very-expensive-looking pair of women's shoes online. They look glamorous, and would surely catch the attention of everybody in the room. What was surprising though, is that they she made them herself for her sister's prom. 

The cost of making them? A mere $40. 

The original pair they were modeled after go for nearly $6,000.00. So how did she make them?

The first step was to acquire a similarly shaped pair of shoes for cheap. This pair cost $25.

Then, paint them blue to match the original shoes’ coloring.

Covering up the edges around the sole to get ready for the next part.


Painting the soles red and topping with a layer of polyurethane to give it that shine.

Next come the rhinestones – 3mm, 5mm, and 6mm were used.

The first step is lining the border with the 3mm rhinestones.

After that comes the long process of gluing.

It takes a while, as you can imagine.


Finally, done.

They look amazing from the back. You can barely tell the difference between these and the original pair.

With the leftover rhinestones, you could fancy up your flats to match.

Even the dog thinks they look great.

The cat doesn't think so, though.

Credit: Imgur

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