She Decided To Make Her Son A Special Place All Of His Own. Wait Until You See How She Did It.

Maybe you've thought about building a treehouse like your parents did for you, but it's so hard to know where to start. Thankfully, this helpful dad shows a step-by-step for building a treehouse for his little ones.

Here were the heavy duty lag bolts, measuring 3/4" to 12".

First, he hung a pair of 2x6 main beams, using two of the lag bolts for each.

The flow of the tree determined the layout of the treehouse. The deck is framed by 2x6 pieces.

Some 1 1/4 decking boards provide the flooring.


The whole family got in on the action.

I mean, the WHOLE family.

Now the posts and conduit rails provide a little extra safety.

300 feet of manila rope make a great looking guardrail for the deck.

A view from the other side.


At the peak, there's a little door for a future fireman's pole.

And last but not least, the ladder.

The finished piece.

Credit: Imgur

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