She Decorates These Cookies Using Nothing But Icing. The Results Are Simply Incredible

There's nothing quite as enticing as the smell of freshly baked cookies. Just one whiff is enough to bring back memories of being a kid eagerly peering through the oven window waiting for mom's delicious batch of cookies to be ready to eat.

When most people think of cookies, the aroma and the scrumptious taste are what usually comes to mind. However, if you've ever been to a cake-decorating shop called Mézesmanna in Hungary, then your whole worldview of cookies will change. Judit Czinkné Poór is a pastry chef and artist who is sweeping the Internet with her incredible cookie artwork and designs. Her stunning edible artworks vary from traditional Hungarian patterns to contemporary designs. The most impressive part is that they are all done by hand without the help of stencils - and she only started practicing in 2014. When you see the fruits of her creations, you will want to get your hands on your very own batch of her cookies as well.

As seen below, Judit Czinkné Poór takes great care in the creation of each cookie that she decorates. The amount of effort and skills that are required to devise such works of art makes it almost a crime to consume them. With steady hands, she painstakingly paints every single detail to create these masterpieces that look every bit as good as they taste.

The icing borders she creates are reminiscent of intricate lace.

Here is a strip of real lace underneath for comparison - the design on the cookie is just as detailed.

Just look at how stunning these flowers are on the backdrop of a black cookie.

They look so delicious, yet I wouldn't have the heart to ingest them.


The most impressive feature about these cookies is that they are all done freehand - no stencils involved!

Judit got inspiration for these designs from traditional embroidery that she grew up with in Hungary.

These would make great gifts for any occasion.

The shape of the cookies themselves also varies depending on what she wants to create.

There is no limit to Judit's talent or imagination. She seems to master every different type of artistic style that she attempts.

Another design that she's mastered is painting into the icing, which makes the final product look like intricate china.


This artwork is created by using a wet-on-wet technique.

Aside from doing doily-like designs, Judit also loves to explore other areas of inspiration. This stunning piece will make you do a double-take - you can almost feel the furriness of this adorable kitten.

Here we see another side of this talent artist's creativity. This caricature of a little girl holding heart-shaped balloons is quite different from what she normally does, yet it's just as breathtaking.

H/T: LittleThings | Mézesmanna

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