She Didn't Think She'd Get To Dance With Her Father At Her Wedding. Her Groom Had Other Ideas.

Many women dream of the day they get married. For Shannon, she didn't think it was going to happen. Wedding after wedding, she was always the bridesmaid until Don came along and they fell deeply in love. Soon, Don proposed to Shannon and the two got ready to start their new lives together as a family with Don's two awesome kids. Shannon was elated and couldn't wait for that most special of wedding moments: the father-daughter dance.

Unfortunately for Shannon, before she had the chance for the dance, her father passed away from cancer. Just devastating. 

But Don wasn't going to let that ruin Shannon's special day. He planned an elaborate dance routine with a number of songs in it to get Shannon feeling all warm and bubbly. But towards the end of the number, Don springs a heartwarming surprise. He quickly throws on a T-shirt that reads "May I have this dance?" on the back and when he turns around? It's a picture of Shannon's late father. She bursts into tears and happily dances with Don to honor her father's memory.

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H/T: Little Things | Don Perez

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