She Films Her Dad Singing In The Car, And His Voice Is Giving Everyone Goosebumps

The bond between a father and daughter is a truly special thing. Your father is often the first man you love as a child. That kind of pure, innocent love is on clear display in the clip below, where a daughter decides to film her dad singing a cover of "Tennessee Whiskey" by Chris Stapleton in the car. 

Since she uploaded it to YouTube earlier this month, the video has racked up over 7 million views, as well as a ton of praise.

Besides the dad's obvious talent, one of the things that's got a lot of people talking is the expression of pride on the girl's face as her dad belts it out.

A lot of people also speculated that the duo may end up on "Ellen," which I wouldn't rule out either.

It's inspired a lot of positive feelings and memories for millions.

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H/T: Aunty Acid

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