She Gave Her Bird A Store-Bought Quail Egg And Her Bird Gave Her Back A Quail

Whenever someone chooses to get a pet, they usually go the mainstream route and choose a furry dog or cat. Some folks, however, have learned that birds can make the perfect companions. Not only are they often quite clever, but they have been known to put on a show, like this dancing cockatoo, or put forth the funniest impressions, like this little budgerigar. They can also be quite nurturing, as YouTuber LUNA ANGEL found out after giving her budgie Pi-chan a treat from the store.

When out doing her weekly shop, she picked up some uzura no tamago (quail eggs), a popular alternative in Japan to the chicken eggs we're used to seeing in the United States.

Just for fun, she decided to give one of the tiny eggs to her bird. Pi-chan's maternal instincts immediately kicked in and immediately began keeping the egg warm.


Shockingly to LUNA ANGEL (and maybe even to Pi-Chan!), the egg actually hatched, revealing a tiny, newborn quail.

While the majority of eggs bought at a grocery store are unfertilized, there is a rare chance of one fertilized one making it to the supermarket. In the United States, eggs are kept refrigerated and the cold temperature makes the chances of hatching a bird from the egg even slimmer. In countries like Japan, though, eggs are kept at room temperature.

Luckily for this little quail, Pi-chan gave the egg a chance, with a fantastic result.

The sweet baby has found a permanent home, too, with LUNA ANGEL and Pi-chan.


Watch the video of this rare birth story below.

Via: Lifebuzz | LUNA ANGEL

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