She Grabs A Wooden Pallet, A Drill And Some Rope. An Afternoon Later, Her Yard Has A Major Upgrade

It's almost impossible to look at this swing bed without going green with envy. Can you imagine any better way to take a long summer nap than letting the warm, gentle breeze lull you into a midday dream? Luckily, this DIY project is absolutely doable with a little ambition and a weekend afternoon.

You'll need:

3 8-foot pieces of 2x4 lumber
a drill
several screws
hand saw
measuring tape
braided pro-grade rope with a 700-pound working load limit
standard twin mattress
2-3 vinyl-zippered mattress covers to keep the mattress dry

Check to make sure that the pallets will fit your mattress. Two pallets with a few extra pallet pieces patched together work for a standard twin.


Put the 2x4's through the inside of the pallets for reinforcement.

Screw them together to make one solid plank.

Reinforce all sides of the pallet for support.

Drill holes through the corners of the pallet at the top and bottom.

Thread the rope through the holes, stringing it through the bottom of the pallets.


Tie the ropes together at each end to create the triangles. Here you can see a little more detail on the way the rope is threaded.

A vinyl-zippered mattress cover helps protect against bugs and moisture.

Throw on a few pillows and blankets and you've got the perfect napping and reading spot.

Yes, please.

Credit: The Merry Thought

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