She Grabs An Old Chandelier And Some Flower Pots. An Afternoon Later, Her Porch Has A Major Upgrade

Usually when you host an outdoor party, the grill is the center of attention. Everyone's focused on when the grub will be ready. You might be shocked if we told you that a chandelier could be the focal point of a barbeque, but wait until you see this. This isn't your ordinary chandelier.

The first step is to remove all the original function of your chandelier. That includes the bulb holders and electrical wiring.

To recreate this project, here's what you'll need:


  • Chandelier
  • Terra cotta pots and saucers (The same number as the arms of your chandelier.)
  • Outdoor-rated spray paint
  • Waterproof glue
  • Plumber’s epoxy putty – This is optional and is used for creating an elevation for draining.
  • Flowers, plants
  • Moisture Control Potting Mix
  • “S” hook for hanging


  • Wire cutters
  • Garden trowel

Next, you're going to replace those candlesticks with your terra cotta saucers. Use the glue to keep them in place. Remember the optional epoxy putty? That's used to help raise the pot a bit for draining.

After all your chandelier arms are complete, give it one or two hours for the glue to dry.

Next comes spray painting. Make sure you paint the entire thing. The easiest way is to hang it from a low tree branch. Style as desired.


After painting is complete, give it a few days to completely dry. Not everything will turn out perfect. There may be some glue sticking out and dings in the paint, but that's okay, unless you're super picky.

That's all for the chandelier. Now comes planting. Use moisture control potting mix, which protects against over- and under-watering.

This is a fun little project to do with your children.

Even the little ones.

They have so much fun picking out their favorite plants.

After you pot your plants, you're done.

Hang it up and show it off to guests and visitors.


Whichever colors and flowers you decide to use, it will look so pretty.

Make sure that you water your plants daily.

And keep them in the sunlight.

If you like, make several of them and create a beautiful, outdoor display.

They also look pretty neat indoors too, and make any home look more alive.

Credit: DIY Show Off

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