She Has A Surprise Reunion With Her Favorite Childhood Nurse After Nearly 25 Years

Other than the day they're born, parents don't like seeing their children in the hospital. Unfortunately, most of Nicole's childhood was spent there. Born with twisted intestines, she required a great deal of care from a young age. That's when she met Lynn Bartos, a caring nurse at the Wisconsin hospital in which Nicole spent most of her days. Lynn helped Nicole stay nourished by feeding her intravenously. They saw each other frequently and developed a strong connection unlike any that Lynn had with her other patients. She even gave her a special nickname: "Nini."

Thankfully, Nicole's condition began to improve, so her visits to the hospital, and Lynn, dwindled. The last time they saw each other was when Lynn was transferred to a different hospital in the state. Lynn's actions inspired Nicole to become a nurse herself, which is exactly what she went on to do. Their story could end right there, but, believe it or not, it continued in an astounding way. Check out the images below to hear how these two women were brought back together after 25 years apart.

This is Nicole today. Two years ago, she became a registered nurse and has practiced at Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin ever since.

She still hasn't forgotten Lynn Bartos, the woman who brightened her childhood's darkest days. In her youth, the two of them had such an incredible bond that they were photographed for Children's Nurse magazine.


These two pictures highlight how comfortable young Nicole felt around her nurse. It was a sad moment when Lynn realized she would never see "Nini" again, but saying goodbye to brave patients is always a part of the job.

Years later, 25 to be exact, Nicole noticed an elderly woman who came into the hospital where she worked for weekly arthritis medication. Naturally caring just like her old nurse Lynn, Nicole began talking to the patient. After a few minutes of conversation, Nicole learned that this mystery patient is currently a nurse at this hospital, but used to work at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, the very hospital where she received her treatment as a child. It couldn't possibly be Lynn, could it? But before she even thought to bring it up, the patient looked at her and asked, "Nini?"

Nicole replied, "Oh, my God, yes."

After all that time, what are the odds that little "Nini" would go on to care for the woman who took care of her when she was young? We're so glad that these two wonderful women were finally able to reunite after all those years. Thank you, Lynn, and every other healthcare worker who has taught us the value of compassion.

Via: Little Things |​ Journal Sentinel

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