She Made A DIY Table Using IKEA Shelves And A Door

If you've been following my posts on Wimp for a while, then you may have noticed an ongoing theme in a lot of my writing: I have no storage space! My apartment is a nice enough place, but it's got no cabinets, no shelves, nothing. My wife and I don't have that much stuff, but with nowhere to put it, our apartment constantly looks like it was recently hit by hurricane.

A few months ago, my wife found a baker's island/rack for cheap online, and those three extra shelves and hanging wire rack have changed my life. It's simply marvelous how much neater and more organized your space looks when your stuff actually has a place to go! 

Jen, from the blog, de Jong Dream House, is a master of DIY. When her crafting supplies were starting to overwhelm her dining table and her bedroom, she knew she needed to come up with a solution that would create a nice workspace for her without breaking the bank.

This is what Jen's crafting supplies used to look like.

She knew that she'd need a nice large tabletop to work on, but with plenty of storage space to finally clear up her bedroom. After looking for some ideas online, she found a way to use IKEA bookshelves to build a quick, DIY table. 

She started by assembling three IKEA Expedit shelves - two 4x2 units and one 2x2 unit. She put the longer shelves back-to-back in the center of her spare room.


There's no mention of whether or not Jen did anything to join the two shelves together, but if you're worried about stability, a quick online search should yield several great ways to connect them. 

Next, she stuck the 2x2 shelf facing outward on one side of the two long shelves. As you can see, the space is already starting to really come together. Jen couldn't wait to get those drawers filled up, but this storage station is not done just quite yet.

The next step was figuring out what to use as a tabletop. It took Jen a few weeks to find an affordable solution, until she stumbled upon an unfinished, un-bored (i.e., no holes) door while walking through Home Depot. It turned out to be the perfect size, so she bought it and brought it home. She gave it five layers of gray stain to protect the surface.

All that was left was to set it on top of her shelves, and her new workspace was ready to go!


Just as a finishing touch, she gave it a trim with some purple glaze.

That is a thing of beauty! Find out more about Jen's DIY tabletop by visiting her blog here.

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H/T: NX2 | de Jong Dream House

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