She Photobombed Her Husband 11 Years Before They Met

Feb 8, 2015

Two young British children, five-year-old Aimee and six-year-old Nick, spent an entire afternoon building sandcastles just feet away from each other. What these two didn’t know was that 11 years later, they would meet and fall in love. After going through some old family photos just weeks before their wedding, they found an unexpected time capsule in an old photo album.

Here they are as children, playing only steps from one another. 

The future couple spent years living in separate towns, Aimee being raised in Mousehole, near the beach where the picture was taken and moving away, while Nick moved to Mousehole only a year later. It wasn’t until Aimee and Nick both attended the same sixth form college in Truro, Cornwall, that they met for the first time.

And here are Aimee and Nick 11 years later, on the day of their wedding. 

The beautiful couple married in July 2014 at a church just minutes away from the spot where their childhood photo was taken, 20 years before their wedding day. Clearly, fate played a huge role in this love story.

Credit: The Telegraph 

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