She Picked Up This Old Door From The Curb. When She Uses It In The Bedroom For This, It's Enchanting

Particularly during the spring and summer, you don't have to look hard to see people leaving old furniture and appliances out on the curb. Most of the time, they are in pretty bad shape. But, every now and then you can find a gem that just needs a bit of polishing.

Beckie, from the blog Infarrantly Creative, has made a hobby out of "rescuing" unwanted items that she comes across. It seems a bit odd, but she has actually been able to transform many of them into stunning, functional parts of her home. The process can involve a lot of elbow grease, but her husband, Tim, has always helped out whenever he could. So, when Beckie came across a shabby-looking door on the curb of a house, her husband didn't hesitate to help her pick it up.

What was once someone's trash would eventually be transformed into this:

This is the sad shape of the door when Tim and Beckie hauled it home in their van:

The first thing that needed to be done was removing the knocker and other hardware that was attached to the door. Beckie liked the style of the knocker, so she decided to save it for a possible future project.

Next, it was time to address the physical condition of her would-be headboard. "Besides being filthy, it had two coats of paint on it that were chipped and ugly. I decided to strip the door down to bare wood. I felt like just cleaning it up and painting over it wouldn’t give me the look I wanted," said Beckie in her post.


Once all of the paint was completely removed, the entire door needed to be sanded down. Not only would this make the wood smooth, but it also properly prepares it for painting.

Beckie purchased a piece of crown molding to attach to the door, giving it a more refined look.

After some measuring and cutting, the molding was attached to the door with the help of a nail gun and some wood glue.

With a fresh coat of paint, things were really starting to come together. "As much as I love plain painted furniture I just had to distress this piece. [...] The door itself had too many imperfections that to try and not bring out those imperfections, would have made it look unpolished. So, I sanded the piece down on the edges. Since the wood was very light, I took a Q-tip and added some stain (Minwax Vermont Maple) to the edges as well, wiping it off quickly with a wet rag to remove the stain from the painted parts," said Beckie.


With the headboard completed, all that was left to do was to mount it onto the wall. She accomplished this with the use of a French cleat.

The headboard was slid into place. The holes from where the door's hardware was would be covered up by the mattress, so Beckie didn't bother filling them.

The mattress was put back into place to complete the project.

It really is amazing how one person's trash can be converted into such a masterpiece. Be sure to click the link here to learn more about this incredible DIY.

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H/T: NX2Infarrantly Creative

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