She Places Three Balls Of Foil Into Her Cupcake Tin. When She's Done Baking, They Look Incredible

Who in their right mind could turn down a delicious cupcake? These smaller versions of a full-sized cake are always a delight to enjoy, but so many of the ones we see available in grocery stores are incredibly expensive and rarely fresh. Though making them at home is always an option, they never seem to look as wonderful as store-bought cupcakes. With these clever recipes, however, you’ll look like a master pastry chef when others see your brilliant creations.

All Colors Of The Rainbow


So many of the decadent cupcakes you see in stores rely on colorful icing to grab people's attention, but the real eye-catching part of these cupcakes is the batter.


All you need to do is use your favorite recipe or cake mix and add in a bit of food coloring. If you want to see how it's done, check out the full directions found at this link.

Garden-Themed Cupcakes

The Silly Girls Kitchen

With spring right around the corner, why not celebrate the warmer weather with some blooming cupcakes in miniature flowerpots? Click on the link here to learn how these flower-themed cupcakes are made.

Cowboy-Themed Cupcakes

Ricardo Cuisine

A cupcake as appetizing as this would make anyone say "giddy-up." Not only are these country-style cupcakes easy to make, but the hats are completely edible. If you want to give these a try, you can find the full instructions here.


Miniature Cupcakes

Upcycled Style

With a few ketchup containers and some ingenuity, miniature cupcakes like these make for a delicious bite-sized snack. They were conceived by Marion Cardwell-Ferrer, and you can find out more about them by visiting her Etsy page.

Cupcakes With A Strawberry Surprise

OMG Chocolate Desserts

If you love the taste of fresh strawberries, you're going to love these strawberry-shortcake cupcakes. The recipe can be found here, and your whole family will love this interesting take on the classic dessert.

Cupcakes In A Cone

Love From The Oven

These cute, tiny cupcakes are more reminiscent of something you would find in an ice cream shop than a bakery. All you need to do is get some small ice cream cones and follow the directions found at this link.

Heart-Shaped Cupcakes

52 Kitchen Adventures

You may have seen these kinds of cupcakes before, but they are still a great surprise to give to someone you really care about. Click here to see how easily these can be made.

Heart-Filled Cupcakes

Lauren Conrad

You've seen heart-shaped cupcakes, but what about ones that are heart-filled? These special cupcakes contain a clever surprise for that special someone in your life, and you can learn how to make them yourself by following the directions here.


A Cupcake Vegetable Garden

Woman's Day

Kids will have no problem with eating vegetables from this garden. These delicious treats are perfect for anyone that has both a green thumb and a sweet tooth. If this sounds like you or someone you know, try baking a fresh batch by following the instructions found in this link.

A Cupcake Shoe Collection


Any fashionista would love to open a shoebox full of these. These shoe cupcakes are completely edible and worth the time to make. Tablespoon has a step-by-step guide on how to make your own stylish treats.

Cupcakes With A Candy Surprise

Tastefully Simple

These cupcakes may look ordinary on the outside, but they contain a candy surprise that would put a smile on anyone's face. Be sure to check out the link here to see the full instructions on how to make them.

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