She Puts Raw Onions In Her Socks Before Sleeping. It Seemed Crazy Until I Saw All The Benefits

Onions are not everyone’s favorite vegetable, as the strong taste and odor can be very off-putting. As difficult as they may be for some to eat, they can be even more bothersome to prepare, as the chopping of onions is incredibly irritating to the eyes. However, the unique chemical makeup that often causes us to cry can also be extremely beneficial to the body. Onion consumption is known to help with digestion, alleviating loss of appetite and upset stomach. It has also been known to help with heart and lung conditions.

One of the strangest ways of using onions to treat ailments is by putting a slice in your socks before going to sleep. The process is said to help with relieving fevers, colds and even the flu.

Jennifer Thompson, of Healthy Bliss, has testified to the amazing healing powers of onions.


After sending out the tweet above, she received a huge amount of comments from followers that shared stories of similar experiences.



Some were very skeptical of the process at first, but testified that after trying it, many symptoms disappeared.


It’s been speculated that this has to do, in-part, with reflexology and the nerve branches in the foot.

Reflexology Institute 

The bottom of your foot contains over 7,000 nerve endings, which lead to various systems and organs in the body. It is believed that manipulating these nerves can have a strong positive effect. 


It is also said that an onion in the sock can help with teething, earaches and bladder infections.

Health and Love Page 


The enzymes in onions also have strong antibacterial properties. As a result, skin infections tend to clear up with usage.

9 Facts 

Both red and white onions are suitable to use in this way.

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It is important to note that for best results, you should try to prop your feet up with an old pillow or rolled-up towel.

Simple Organic Life 

You should also consider using socks that you don’t mind being stained or smelling of onion for a bit. Check out some great tips for doing this in the video below.

Credit: The Little Things 

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