She Ripped The Blades Off Her Old Ceiling Fan And Transformed It Into The Most Beautiful Thing

Ceiling fans are a great investment for your home. They keep your room cool, running counter-clockwise in the summertime, and redistribute warm air by running clockwise in the winter. But let's admit it: most fans, especially the most affordable ones, are downright boring. But this mom, Imgur user Pippx, had an idea to transform a boring white fan into the highlight of her little boy's room.

It was going to be little Henry's first birthday and she wanted to do something special for the little guy.

When Henry took naps, he was left to stare at a boring white ceiling fan. She thought she could do better. She started by removing the fan blades.

She gave them a coat of black paint.

Then she used purple and blue spray paint to give a soft galaxy look.


While the paint was drying, she carefully punched holes in thick vellum paper in the shape of constellations.

She taped the vellum to each fan blade.

And then, using glow-in-the-dark spray paint, she stenciled on the constellations. 

These were no random collections of stars - she actually created replicas of Lupus, Circinus, Libra, Ursa Minor and Bootes.

The fan irons got a spacy coat of paint.


The fan has definitely become the focal point of the ceiling. But what about the center light?

Using acrylic paint, she did a loose, painterly interpretation of the western hemisphere of Earth.

The light now casts a soft, ethereal glow.

And when she turns the fan on for nap time, it looks as though the earth is spinning in space.

It was a total hit for Henry's birthday.

Via: Imgur

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