She Rubs Vaseline On Her Shoes. It Seems Odd, But It's A Genius Trick To Restore Worn-Out Footwear

Has anyone accused you of maybe just loving your shoes a little too much? Hey, it's only natural. But as much fun as the haul of the brand new shoes can be, you can also keep a few tricks up your sleeve to repair and extend the life of your favorite kicks. 

1. A bread clip and a strong glue will keep a broken flip-flop going. While it might ultimately be time to bid them bon voyage, you can probably get through a few days with this quick fix.

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2. Toothpaste whitens more than your chompers. Try a little dab on a Brillo pad or rough sponge to refresh sneakers.



3. A nail file will scrape the dirt off suede shoes.

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4. Vaseline on a Q-tip will buff out the scuffs on patent leather shoes.

Good Housekeeping

5. Vinegar will pull the water stains off your leather boots.

Good Housekeeping


6. Putting a sealed bag of water in your shoes and popping them in the freezer will help ease in the breaking-in process for shoes that are just a tad on the small side.


7. Shoe goo gives you a patch in a pinch. Keep a tube in your glove compartment or your gym bag where it'll be handy when you're out. This stuff is a lifesaver when you're traveling.

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