She Spots Her Pups Sleeping In A Doghouse, But She Didn't Expect So Many Of Them To Jump Out

Our pets can do the funniest things sometimes - that's what makes them so great! These antics are the things about them that we will always remember. 

All our pets have their own quirks, but I personally feel like dogs are much more prone to having those hilarious/silly moments than any other animal. They're just such lovable goofballs that even when they're misbehaving, you usually can't stay mad for long. And then, of course, there are the times when they do things that just make you go "Whaa?"

Gretchen Hoey had a moment like that when she noticed her house was a little too quiet and went looking for her Basset Hounds. She eventually found a couple of them in a little igloo-shaped doghouse (a "dogloo," if you will) on her patio. But when she calls them out, there's more than just a couple of dogs in there! One by one, they all file out as if it were a clown car. Just wait until you see how many there were.

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H/T: Gretchen Hoey

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