She Sprays Her Cheese Grater With Paint. Seems Really Crazy, Until You See The Stunning Result

Of all the rooms in my apartment (not that there are that many), the kitchen is my favorite. It's not my dream kitchen, but it gets the job done for now. I love food and I love cooking - it's my passion in life - so I'm in the kitchen a lot. 

Naturally, I've collected my fair share of kitchen contraptions over time. Strainers/colanders? I've got 'em. Knives? Please, this isn't amateur hour. Whisks, trays, plates, kettles, I've got them all. I even have a nifty Chinese steamer basket that I desperately need to make dumplings with.

As my collection grows, so do the number of things that I now have too many of and/or have been rendered obsolete by newer things. There's a part of me that always struggles with what to do about these things, because I hate creating more waste. Luckily, there are some great DIY project ideas out there that take old kitchen items and turn them into something new and useful! Here are 18 of the best.

1. Take any mismatched, random spoons and some pallet wood to create this coat rack. Learn how here.

Fox Hollow Cotage

2. Spray some paint on an old cheese grater and use it as an earring organizer.

Trinkets by Tracey

3. You could also take some old cheese graters and turn them into a hanging lamp. Get instructions here.


4. Upgraded your old coffee pot for a single-serve Keurig? Use the old glass coffee pot as a terrarium. From the ashes of old coffee, a new life is reborn!

A Charming project

5. Cake stands are a great way to display those cookies you just baked. Make your own with a candlestick, a saucer, some strong super glue and your favorite color paint. 

Sweet Sugarbelle


6. Teapots are usually so unique and gorgeous anyway, why not use old/chipped ones as planters?

Art Ideas Crafts

7. This is a fun idea for a dinner party. Hang whisks from the ceiling and insert tea light candles inside each for some mood lighting. Note: if you're using real flame candles, hang them up somewhere they won't easily be knocked over.

Minha Casa

8. As an alternative to whisks, you could use soup ladles.


9. Garden markers can get worn out easily, but with just a few simple instructions, you can make your own, durable markers from old spoons.

Domestic Simplicity

10. As time wears on, rolling pins can start to get a little dingy. When it's time to retire them, cut them in half and mount them onto some reclaimed wood for rustic wall hooks!


11. Mason jars are good for so many things. This project shows how to make one into a rustic tissue holder.

The Happy Housewife

12. Old forks and spoons make great hanging racks. If you've got some time and effort to spare, this project in particular yields some truly fantastic results.


13. You've heard of tea light candles, why not go literal with that concept? With just a few simple steps, you can turn vintage tea cups into your own candles.

La Sirena Vintage Treasures


14. Teacups can also be used as miniature planters for succulents. Adorable!

Your Homebased Mom

15. This is a one-of-a-kind decoration idea! Make some mood lighting using an old colander. Learn how here.

Home Heart Craft

16. You could also reuse an old rolling pin by turning it into a kitchen towel bar. It just takes a little hardware and these instructions.

Olive Bites Blog

17. You've probably seen starburst-style mirrors before, but have you seen one like this? Old cutlery gets a new life in this mirror. Learn how to make your own here.

Flamingo Toes

18. Wine bottles are always great for home decor ideas (plus, you get to potentially drink some wine out of it). Why not take some of those empty bottles and create a custom chandelier? Here's how.

DIY Network

To learn more about creating a light fixture from a wine bottle, check out the video below:


Via: Faithtap

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