She Starts Out By Baking 8 Pounds Of Gingerbread. When She's Finished She Creates The Most Epic Cake

Reddit user Neurocortex recently shared photos of a gingerbread castle that is unlike any we have ever seen before. Luckily, she also included directions to explain how she did it. Check it out below. 

Here is the finished castle, designed with a mix of chateau and gothic elements in mind. One side has large inviting windows, while the other side is more aggressive. 

So how did she do it? First she started with this foundation. The entry is placed to the left, but it will be centered once all the modules are in place. 

She kept her sketches nearby for easy reference. 

Here is a look inside the second foundation, complete with diagonals for reinforcement and holes that will make way for lights. 

Next, the two foundations were put together. Notice that the larger piece has more traditional castle walls. 

She designed some simple cathedral windows. 

And added some LED lights. They didn’t look very interesting. 

So she added some Jelly Strawberries, a candy common in Sweden, but any type of gummy would do the trick. 



It took a multi-level baking sheet to cook the eight pounds of gingerbread needed for this castle. 

Windows were formed from gelatin sheets, mounted in doubles for a “smaller texture”. 

It’s really starting to come together. 

The plan was to mount everything with melted sugar, but she quickly realized that icing sugar melts faster than ordinary white sugar.

And she found out the hard way that melted sugar is really, really hot. 

It’s getting bigger. Each window was made with the end of a small knife handle. 

She got technical with some of the details. Here’s an outlet for the small wing of the castle. 

The wing is ready to be mounted. 

All in place. The roof pieces were baked longer to make them extra dark. 

Next it was time to add support structures, completing the gothic look. 


This had to be done super carefully. 

Now it’s time to polish everything off with a touch of icing. 

The structure ended up with eleven towers. 

As far as gingerbread castles go, this is epic. 

The lights really make it shine. 

The details are amazing in this deliciously beautiful piece of art. 

Who knew you could do all this with gingerbread? 

Have you created something amazing in your holiday baking? Share it with us in the comment section below. 

Credit: Imgur

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