She Takes A Dresser And Puts It On Its Side. When The Transformation Is Complete ... This Is Amazing

It never ceases to amaze me what people can find at garage sales. Most of the time it's just a lot of junk, but every now and then you come across a hidden gem. We've all heard stories of people paying $20 for something that turned out to be worth thousands. However, sometimes treasures need a little work and polish to truly begin to shine.

The dresser featured in this story certainly didn't look like much. Beaten up after years of use, it had obviously seen much better days. Thankfully, it was still in one piece, and the owner thought it would be valuable enough to warrant being sold at the garage sale rather than being sent on a one-way trip to the dump. Just wait until you see what its new owner turns it into.

At the garage sale, Corey of the blog Sawdust 2 Stitches came across this dresser and was rather impressed with the condition it was in.

After a bit of discussion with the owner, she eventually walked away with the dresser for only $15!

Hauling it home was no easy task, but she got the job done with a bit of help. Once she had it in her garage, it was time to start planning and deconstructing her new purchase. She began by flipping the dresser onto its side and removing the drawers.

With the drawers removed, she took off the exterior frame and the dresser's backing. She then added a bit of bulk to the base by attaching some 2×3s.

"I wanted to be able to add some base trim, and also give it a little bit of visual weight. I then proceeded to do the same to the top, first by adding the 2×3s as a base to attach the trim to," said Corey in her blog post.


With a bit of bulk added to the top and bottom of the unit, it was time to add the trim to completely cover the 2×3s. Afterward, the next step was to cut out a few of the dividers for the drawers. It looks a bit strange, but the method to this madness will soon become clear.

"Next, I constructed a series of shelves that would be inserted and attached to the dresser. I decided to do staggered-width shelves. First for visual interest, and second I wanted to use them for … wait for it … SHOE STORAGE! Gasp, *shock and awe*. I know, right!? The staggered widths would be perfect for my shoes, boots, and it would also be the perfect size for my kids' shoes. Also, with the shorter shelves they wouldn’t need to go fishing to reach them out of the back of the cabinet," continued Corey.

As you can see, things are really starting to take shape.

With there still being a lot of work ahead of her, she began to construct what would eventually become the doors to her new unit.

Corey wanted to reuse as much material as possible, so she decided to recycle the faces of the old drawers for this part of the project. "I definitely did not want this to look like a dresser that I had flipped on its side. So, I decided to cut grooves in the panels to give a more rustic apothecary feel," she said.

Once everything was sanded and prepped, it was time to give them all a fresh coat of paint. After two coats of primer, the finishing coat of paint was applied.

The paint was given ample time to dry overnight, and all that was left to do was to put everything together. To give her project a bit of character, she decided on adding feet to the bottom.


Her new doors were attached to the unit with some hinges she purchased, and she added a piece of wood to the back of the doors to bridge the gap.

She even took the time to install a coat and key rack!

With the backing painted and reinstalled, her creation was complete.

To find out more about this project, be sure to check out Corey's blog post here.

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H/T: NX2 | Sawdust 2 Stitches

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