She Takes An Old, Unwanted Dresser Drawer And Turns It Into The Perfect DIY Living Room Accessory

A creative blogger, from The Diary of a Crafty Lady, started a project for her daughter's room that required some extra drawers. She set out to find some treasures around her neighborhood, and stumbled upon a few drawers lying around in great condition. After finishing her project, she noticed that a few were left over. Instead of scraping them, she turned them into the perfect addition to any living space.

Here are the bones of the project. She decided to work with this lovely drawer. 

To start off, she headed to her local home improvement store to cut out two pieces of MDF board that perfectly matched the top and bottom of the drawer.


Next stop, the fabric shop. The dimensions of the foam cushion were trimmed there, then placed directly on top of the drawer.

She picked up a nice piece of fabric as well. After stretching it around all four corners, she stapled it into place.

In order to hide any rough edges, she staples down a red, square piece of fabric underneath the cushion.


Once she carefully measured the area from the side of the board to the entrance of the drawer, she applied two slabs of wood on either side to prevent any sliding of the cushion.

Now the drawer has taken a full turn into a convenient storage space, but there was one more thing she needed to add. 

To top it off, she adds some legs to the drawer. Now the repurpose project is complete, and a storage ottoman is born. This is the perfect piece of furniture to kick up your feet and relax. 

Credit: The Little Things | The Owner Builder Network 

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