She Takes Ordinary Copper Pipe And Starts To Cut. When She's Finished, It's Simply Gorgeous

Copper pipes are very in this year, merging their sleek, industrial look with bright playfulness and elegant strength. 

Copper-based furniture like this retails for hundreds of dollars at boutique home decor shops, but did you know it's an easy DIY?

You'll need about 24 feet of ½ inch thick copper pipe, that really strong Gorilla Glue, pressure tees and copper 90 degree elbows. 

Make cuts in your copper pipes to sort out your pieces: 6 at 24 inch, 4 at 2 ½ inch, 2 at 3 1/2 and 8 at 16 inch.


This simple schematic might help for planning.

From there, dot the inside of each pipe piece with Gorilla Glue. 

Add the four 24 inch long pieces to the pressure tees to make the ledges where the shelves will rest.

Then just add the shelves on the top of the pipes.


For extra support, add another set of elbows to lock the shelves in place.

White laminate boards look amazing, but glass or raw wood would look great as well.

For an afternoon and relatively little handyman savvy, you've got yourself an adorable boutique copper shelf.

Credit: A Joyful Riot

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