She Takes Some Nail Polish And Applies It To Her Windshield. This Is So Helpful In An Emergency

Everyone knows that car shops and mechanics charge a lot of money. Even bringing your car in for the smallest tweaks can cost you hundreds of dollars. Even when there is nothing wrong with the car, you still have to take it in for annual tune-ups. But, not everything needs to be done by a mechanic. These simple tips and tricks can make your car rides a lot more comfortable.

1. It can be tough to find your car in a huge parking lot. Take a picture of where you parked to help you remember.

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2. Create your own phone holder by weaving a rubber band through an air vent.

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3. Blind spots can be fixed by setting your mirrors so you can't see any of your vehicle.


4. On a hot day, roll down a window and open and close the opposite door several times. This will cool it down without having to blast the air conditioner.


5. A coffee filter and cleaning solution are perfect for wiping your dashboard.

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6. Apply hand sanitizer to your key when the lock is frozen. The sanitizer will help melt the ice as you slide it in the lock.


7. Need to figure out which side the exit is on? If the number is on the upper left, then the exit is on the left, and vice versa.

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8. Keep a shower caddy in the car to keep food organized and to prevent spills.

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9. A modified binder clip is a great way to keep your GPS steady.


10. Clean your headlights by applying some toothpaste and wiping it off.


11. Nail polish is a fantastic temporary way to prevent small cracks from spreading.


12. Prevent your car doors from freezing shut by applying cooking spray to the rubber on the inside.


13. A staple remover can help get a tight key ring open.


14. Placing your remote lock against your head creates a stronger signal that extends farther.


15. Use a hanging tennis ball in your garage to gauge the perfect distance your car should drive in.

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16. Use a plunger to remove small dents in the car.


17. This graphic will show you how to change a tire.

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18. An old coffee cup with a cut open lid can be used as a tissue dispenser.


19. Use the arrow on the gauge to determine which side your gas tank is located.

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20. Shoe organizers are perfect for organizing cluttered cars.

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21. Cereal containers are the perfectly sized trash cans for most cars.

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