She Takes This Colourful Liquid And Pours It In Glass. The End Result Is Almost Magical

Crayons have always been a great way to unlock your imagination. It's no wonder they're used in classrooms, in funky restaurants with paper tablecloths and even in art therapists’ offices. There's something about the boundless possibilities of the colors that speaks to humans of all ages. Instructables blogger Alejandra Styles shares her fun and creative way of taking a box of crayons and turning it into a cool, afternoon decor project.

1. It starts with a box of crayons.

2. Select your color palate.  

3. Grab a candle holder and a wick. 

4. Glue the wick down to the bottom of the inside of the candle holder, centered in the middle.


5. Put a chunk of leftover scented candle wax into a microwaveable, disposable cup.

6. Take the labels off the crayons and break them into pieces. Drop the pieces into the cup with the wax.

7. Microwave the cup with the wax and crayon pieces for about 30 seconds, until everything has melted.

8. Put the glass in a tilted position and make sure to use a stand or a pot holder to protect your fingers.

9. Put the contents of the paper cup into the candle holder and let it sit for 20 minutes.


10. Repeat again with another crayon color.

11. And repeat the process until the candle holder has filled up.

12. Let the whole thing dry on a flat surface for 25 minutes.

13. End result? A color and scene customized candle.

14. You can use as many color combos as you can imagine. Wouldn't this be perfect for school or team colors?

Credit: Instructables

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