She Takes Two Heartbroken Dogs To The Park. Just Watch What Happens When They See The Man In White

In this clip from Animal Planet, volunteers Tia and Mariah were part of a rescue that quickly went viral.

Tia heard about war veteran Joshua, who was struggling with his return to civilian life. He felt isolated and out of place, and his only source of comfort was his two dogs, Panda and Mama. They stuck with him when nobody else would, and their love and support was crucial to Joshua during this difficult time in his life.

Sadly, Joshua was forced to move to California and didn't have any way to bring the dogs with him. With a heavy heart, he left them back in Louisiana. He missed his dogs dearly and reached out to Tia and Mariah to see if they would be willing to help bring Panda and Mama to California.

Naturally, they were only too happy to help and drove the dogs to Los Angeles to be reunited with their owner. The moment the dogs see Joshua again is just so touching, and they immediately begin to wag their tails and jump and kiss him.

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H/T: Animal Planet

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