She Thought She Was Getting An IPad From Her Boyfriend. Instead, She Found This Hiding In The Box.

What's better than getting a new iPad? Maybe just the little things like eternal love and devotion. That's why this guy put his heart on the line and popped the question Siri-style.

It looks like a regular iPad box.

But there's a layer of pink foam cut specifically for the box.

After making a blueprint, he cut the basic shape out of the aluminum.

A stickler for details, he even planned it out online.

Like really, really planned it out.


She knew what she was getting into.

Once he generated the code, the machine was ready to cut the customized hole.

A quick run through the media blaster gave it more of an even finish.

It's looking so elegant.


Next step was adding beveled edges to give it a nice contrast.

To get the lettering just right, he used a .031-inch end mill tool.

The lettering looks gorgeous.

It fit perfectly inside the box.

And the ring went snugly into the pink foam.

Now let's hope she doesn't ask about that iPad...

Credit: Imgur

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