She Took Out All Her Drawers And Laid Them Outside. When I Saw What She Did With Them ... WOW

At some point during our lives, we've all dealt with a common decorating problem: boring furniture. Ideally, we'd all have our homes beautifully furnished with only stylish items we love. But this is real life, and sometimes you just need somewhere to put your clothes that isn't every square inch of floor space. 

But, take heart! Boring furniture doesn't have to stay boring ... especially if you have an awesome friend like Kelsey Johnson. When the blogger behind DESIGN-INNOVATE-CREATE got a call from a buddy with a hideously plain dresser, she ran to the rescue. By the time she was finished with the Plain Jane chest of drawers, it's a piece anyone would be proud to own. 

The structure of the dresser was fine, but it was just so painfully dull.

Kelsey pulled out the drawers and removed the front-facing hardware.

She toned down the glaring white color with a slightly muted shade of grey.

Next, she laid pieces of lace over the drawers.


Then, she picked up a can of pink spray-paint. This is where things get interesting.

After a few coats of the pink paint over the lace, Kelsey pulled the lace up and revealed a gorgeous lace stencil beneath the fabric.

The lines were soft and feminine. 

Very pretty.


She could have replaced the hardware but, since she was on a budget, she just gave it a good coat of silver metallic spray paint.

It's hard to believe there's a boring particleboard dresser under here.

This looks like it came from an expensive boutique furniture store.

It's amazing what a little paint and creativity can do to old furniture. Have you ever tried something like this?

H/T: Kelsey Johnson

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