She Turns This Old End Table Into The Cutest Little Doggy Bed

When CupThePup, Imgur user and proud mama to a Yorkie, had an old side table she wasn't using, her dog, Cupcake, inspired an upcycle project. Turning the table upside down, she transformed a ho-hum side table into a four-poster dog bed fit for a queen.

Here's the table she started out with.

Flipping the table over, she drilled holes into the tabletop.

The holes are for feet to elevate the bed off the floor.

Then, she sanded everything down bare.


She painted everything a soft off-white color and added a plywood headboard to the front.

A few pink accent pieces...

She taped off parts of the table and gave those a coat of the pink paint as well.

Now with the accent pieces glued on, it's starting to look bed-like.

She attached crystal knobs to the top of the old table legs.


For the penultimate touch, she tucked a fluffy mattress into the bed.

And then topped it off with Cupcake, her very spoiled little Yorkie dog.

Credit: Imgur

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